Feedback on the SoDaMaT online materials

In order to evaluate the online materials, we asked researchers within C4DM to look at them and to give us informal feedback. Although we received some feedback, we would have preferred to have received more. We hope after the C4DM training sessions in December 2012.

Overall, comments were positive, with some questions about the structure of the wiki and “how to use it”. Some of the comments regarding the structure were based on reviewing the wiki content as a single page (this option was created in case people wanted to print the materials for offline use).

Some specific areas were also highlighted as needing more attention: more information on suitable file formats and the rationale behind choosing file formats; making the use of the QMUL Ethics Board more prominent; more information on available resources for archiving data; and more information on Creative Commons licences. Of course, this list partly reflects the immediate concerns of the researchers that responded.