Data Asset Framework - Interviews

As we wrote in the previous blog post, the first step in the Data Asset Framework consisted in the survey of C4DM publications and data assets already available online. The analysis of publications gave us an idea of the people in the group that are more involved with the research data production and management. Following the indications from the DAF implementation guide, we will start by interviewing them, and use the so-called "snowball" approach of asking the interviewees to suggests the colleagues that should be interviewed next.

We have prepared a pre-interview questionnaire (pdf) that will be sent to the interviewees a few days in advance. This should allow them to get prepared and speed up the interview. The interviewees will be only asked to read through the questionnaire and think about the questions, but not to write answers down. We chose this approach (and a single-page questionnaire) since past experiences showed that a long questionnaire is less likely to be read and answered thoroughly. The questionnaire was inspired by the examples provided in the DAF Implementation Guide.

We will start with the interviews tomorrow and update the blog with our experiences and observations as we proceed.